Kudos and milestones

Congratulations and kudos to Zeharah Nachash and Zabel on their successful fundraising event yesterday for the late Lizzi Marriott, of Portsmouth, NH. "Shimmies for Lizzie" raised $500. Local supporters were treated to performances by Shazaraya, BDNE associate editor Morgana Mirage, Seya, Jaylee, Sisters of the Sun Tribal Belly Dance, Zabel, Heather Powers, OmBelly Co. , Zehara Nachash, Alizah Afet, Zia, Samara, and Baseema. It was a great show for a great cause. A special tip of the hat to the producers for running an extremely well-organized event, which is always appreciated by performers and attendees alike. 


Congratulations also go out to Bright Star World Dance Studio in Portland, ME, on the occasion of their 2nd anniversary as a studio. The event was celebrated on Jan. 19 with workshops by Whitley-Nabintu Newman and studio co-owner Rosa Noreen, followed by an amazing show that celebrated all kinds of dance - from belly dance to African to stepping to Middle-Eastern folkloric. The show sold out long before the actual day - truly a tribute to the special place the studio occupies in the Portland area dance community. 


We were sad to hear of the passing of Tricia LeVangie, and would like to express our condolences to her family and friends. Trish passed away earlier this month after a battle with cancer. She began studying belly dance seven years ago with Sumora Morgaine Stanley and appeared in student performances and graduated to performing solos in area shows. In a few years' time she expanded her dance study to include burlesque, and alsostudied with Aurel at Ancient Arts Studios.

Trish was a founding member of the Shimmy Sisters, and additionally part of a drum and bugle corps that traveled to competitions annually. She worked as an award-winning designer at California Closets. 

Her teacher and longtime friend Sumora said, "She loved the showmanship, the costumes, the bling, the performing...she was a beautiful person, inside and out, with a smile that could light up the room whenever she entered. The local belly dance community has lost one of their shining lights and she will be very much missed."

Tricia was the wife of Richard E. LeVangie and daughter of the late Walter and Emma Cook and sister of the late Christine Cook. 

Amy SmithComment