Sunset Sahara Show, Yousy Sharif Weekend - Lakeville, MA 3/26/11

This was my second time going to an event sponsored by Katia of Boston, and I was not disappointed. Her ability to coordinate dancers in order to turn out a well-timed, well-run program is astounding.

Especially since getting dancers to follow timelines is often akin to herding cats.

The show started on time, the dancers were stunning, and the Katia maintained an air of serenity throughout. Drugs? Probably not. Just Katia’s enviable ability to create a mood and an event.

Devotees of the art of solo Middle Eastern dance were treated to an array of lovely, talented women in stunning costumes who worked hard while making it appear effortless. While I would love to review each dancer's contribution to the evening, time prohibits, therefore I will touch only upon those standouts (for me!):

  • Jaida, of NYC, a beautiful dancer whose grace is astounding and marks the hours that she spends in classes and performance. Her performance in a stunningly beautiful classic bedlah to a Yousry Sharif choreography was flawless.

  • Polina, whose smile could light up the night sky.

  • Chantal, in a Shadia Tohme gown, was dynamic and perfect in her performance.

Congratulations to all on this wonderful evening. It was a privilege to watch you dance. - Jemileh Nour
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