BellyQueen: Journeys Along the Silk Road - Arlington, MA 3/18/11

Sequestered in the colorful rats-nest that is the Regent Theatre/Theater (the venue has both stage and screen), this show didn’t have a very large reception.  However, with a bit more length and a good booking agent, this production could tour itself right into “Smash-Hit” land.  As the name suggests, Journeys Along The Silk Road wound itself around the tale of the advent of silk, from the first thread all the way to the marketplace, where it literally changed the face of international trading forever.  Replete with narration, unbelievably luscious costumes, and superb music, this rendition of the story of silk was utterly stunning.  Each dance was more bewitching than the last. Even more impressive was that every style of dance that appeared in the story (from Flamenco to Egyptian to Germanic) was executed with authenticity, alacrity, and grace.  While Bellyqueen is known for their highly original choreography, this is my favorite of their creations thus far.

A quick and highly opinionated commentary: The Silk Road had opening dance acts. Why? While I’m all for the community showcasing and supporting fellow dancers, this work was meant as an actual theatrical story through dance and not a variety show. - Cat Waltzer
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