Have you heard the latest?

Recently, I had coffee with BDNE associate editor Cat Waltzer, she of "Sequins of Events". As we reviewed the New England belly dance community's rather abundant events calendar for events for which to schedule reviews, we felt a little overwhelmed. New England belly dancers are busy bees. There is at least one event scheduled for almost every weekend. We here at BDNE like to cover events as much as possible for our readers in "Sequins of Events".

But "Sequins" is a place for in-depth critiques of dance events, to help event producers know what they did right (and what can be improved), and to help readers determine whether a given event or hosted teacher is something they would want to attend or learn from. Not all events warrant such close scrutiny. Benefits, student events, and recurring showcase events really just need a shout-out and rundown.

And sometimes we here at BDNE just like to go out and have a good time, hear good music, and see and support fellow dancers, all without being on the clock. And maybe report back on it. For example, I attended an event a few weeks ago and ran into a friend. M. was surprised to see me there, as she knew there was someone else reviewing the event. She thought I only came out to work!

So we created "Out and About in Tasseltown", a place where we could share community news. A gossip column, if you will.

I'm not talking about the sort of gossip that is negative or harmful. There's far too much of that already. I mean community news...like, who recently had a studio opening? Did L. ever have her baby? Did you know A. got engaged? Did you hear - T. was runner-up in the Miss Belly Dance USA contest? That sort of thing. The kind of news you pick up at community events. As well as info about the events. Sometimes you just want to know how an event went.

So, welcome to "Tasseltown". We hope you find it informative and fun. And the news stream is not one-way - we want to hear from you, too! Add your comments here, or email us with your news. And if you see us at an upcoming event, be sure to say hi!