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    Sequins of Events: SnakeDance Theater presents "Egypt-o-mania!"

    Glitter Litter: Tai Chi Shimmy

    The podcast: BDNE#14 - Egypt-o-mania!

    Out and About in Tasseltown: Armenian Apostolic Church at Hye Pointe Annual Picnic


    Improv Roulette: A Collaborative Dance Experiment

    The Athletic Artistry of Frank Farinaro

    DVD reviewThe Ultimate Bellydance Guide



    Existential Dance Crisis Support Group First Bimonthly Meeting

    Any creative endeavor comes with extreme highs and lows, and belly dancing is no different. Katie Bircher and Elizabeth Joy would like to invite you to become a member of the Existential Dance Crisis Support Group. 

    This group is a safe and confidential online space for belly dancers to discuss their individual dance  journeys - with all their successes and challenges - and receive moral support, validation, and advice from fellow dancers. As an added resource for practical advice, we encourage (but not require) group members to participate in a guided online discussion of books on the creative process, beginning with Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit

    Belly Dance Lineage Survey  

    Amity Alize of Raq-On Dance in Lebanon, NH is embarking on a very cool project of tracing belly dance lineage in America. She is collecting information from belly dancers in the United States to find as much of our "blood lines" as possible. Her goal is to get responses from at least 1,000 belly dancers in the United States. Take her survey here. If you would rather not provide information online, you can print out the survey, complete it, and send it to Amity. Directions are on the survey.

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